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Recruitment within most industries is facing new challenges to fill open positions. New data shows there is a nationwide hiring crunch as many in the workforce are leaving or retiring, but not as many candidates are entering, greatly shifting the supply-and-demand ratios of talent. Further, many businesses, no matter the industry, have not changed their staffing procedures, making it difficult to keep up and address these shifts in demand.

VMG Recruiting Services is intimately acquainted with these challenges. Our experts will help you navigate this shifting talent landscape, and tailor our talent sourcing based on your company’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to fill open positions or create new ones to expand your business, we guarantee that we’ll find a match that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more about how VMG can help.


                -- Jeffrey


A graphic illustration of people working


When starting a new job, it is normal to have an adjustment period before realizing if you’re in the right place doing the right kind of work. In fact, according to, one of the most common questions a job candidate is asked during an interview is “What is your ideal work environment?” By preparing…

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Roadside signs for balanced and burnout


                Burnout is a big buzzword these days when talking about concerns in the workplace. The condition is more than just feeling stressed on the job. It can cause fatigue, sadness, anxiety, negativity, hopelessness, and even headaches and stomachaches. A heavy workload, long hours, inadequate support, and other stressful conflicts can often lead to feeling…

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An illustration of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Your Employee’s Psychological Needs—and What They Mean for Your Hiring Process

At the most basic level, every organization is made of people. They may be highly skilled professionals, but they are also human beings with their own physical and psychological needs. Ignoring these needs leads to an unmotivated and unengaged work force. Making efforts to meet these needs in the workplace gives you the best chance…

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A black square with head versus heart text

Emotional vs Intellectual Decisions

When it comes to deciding whether to accept a job offer, how do you make that decision? Do you react impulsively and jump at the first offer? Do you take your time to negotiate or perhaps make a pros and cons list to figure out whether that job is even a good fit for you?…

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A person holding a phone and in front of a laptop

Why Healthcare Clinics Should Use Social Media

The way the world communicates today might feel much less personal than when you first graduated from school. Social media is the way people connect for both their personal and professional lives. It’s something that you might want to consider as the owner of a clinic. Why is social media so important for your clinic?…

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A calendar board with a pinned paper

Job Offer Deadlines

When offering a job to a candidate, do you give them a deadline to get back to you with a decision? If not, perhaps you should consider doing so. It’s courteous to give your top choice candidate some time to consider your offer. Perhaps they’re already interviewing for another position, or, they have a significant…

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Five people smiling and discussing with each other


Do you have a full staff but wonder how you can get the most out of them while making your workplace a place where they want to show up and do the best job every day? The answer is to invest in your workers, and not just by giving them a fair wage. Studies show…

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Two people shaking hands

Getting A Candidate To Say Yes To Your Offer

When you think you’ve got the right job candidate, what do you do to ensure you’re making an offer they can’t refuse? You might be surprised to learn the best strategy in getting a candidate to say yes to an offer comes before it’s even made. Businesses are competing against each other across the country…

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A person wearing a white cloth beside a ghosting sign


Last week we began our two-part series on the modern phenomenon of “ghosting” – which is when someone suddenly stops all communication with you without an explanation. This week we are delving into why, as a candidate, you should never ghost a potential employer. Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve applied for a job, were…

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A person wearing a white cloth beside a ghosting sign


 Ghosting isn’t something that happens at Halloween. It’s when communication stops without warning between two parties. For example, you’ve interviewed a veterinarian over the phone or in person, perhaps even made an offer, when suddenly silence – no returned calls or emails. That’s ghosting. So why is it happening? There are four probable reasons: •…

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