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Recruitment within most industries is facing new challenges to fill open positions. New data shows there is a nationwide hiring crunch as many in the workforce are leaving or retiring, but not as many candidates are entering, greatly shifting the supply-and-demand ratios of talent. Further, many businesses, no matter the industry, have not changed their staffing procedures, making it difficult to keep up and address these shifts in demand.

VMG Recruiting Services is intimately acquainted with these challenges. Our experts will help you navigate this shifting talent landscape, and tailor our talent sourcing based on your company’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to fill open positions or create new ones to expand your business, we guarantee that we’ll find a match that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more about how VMG can help.


                -- Jeffrey


Benefits of Objective Hiring

One big problem I see companies run into while interviewing is that their process isn’t objective. They’ll hire the person they like the most, who they have a good feeling about, or in other words, just go with their gut. Then they’re surprised when their new hire’s performance isn’t up to scratch. Now, there are…

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Opportunity Costs

Are you in need of a new dental associate but don’t have the time to search for and recruit one? Are you concerned about the added cost to your practice – in terms of salary and benefits – of hiring someone?  Have you considered the cost of not acting now? Opportunity Cost in Revenue.  The…

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Building an Effective Team

As the owner of a private dental practice, the doctor is not only in charge of caring for patients, but must also assemble the best team to keep up with the needs of their clients. But in a time when the country is experiencing a shortage of dentists and dental techs, how should a practice…

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Job Market Outlook for Dentists

Last month I wrote about the ongoing national shortage of dentists and how to keep your clinic running while understaffed. This week, I’d like to look further at the job market outlook for dentists. A recent article by U.S. News and World Report scores the dental profession at a 7.5/10, ranking it the #4 in Best Health…

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Re-Introduction To VMG Services

With the new year under way, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce VMG Consulting and Recruiting Services and explain how we can be of help. With 30 years of experience, VMG Consulting and Recruiting Services specializes in matching candidates with clinics across the country. We work with our clients in a…

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Bad Hires Hurt Business

Talent makes or breaks an organization. However, that doesn’t help anybody after a bad hire’s been made. Bad hires mean nothing but trouble for you and your organization. Of course, bad hires lead to wasted money. There’s the lost productivity during the hiring process, the cost of training the new hire, and the cost of…

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Recognizing the Right Candidate

Recognizing when you’ve found the right candidate is one of the major hurdles when it comes to hiring the right talent for your company. Many companies have problems when it comes to choosing the right candidates in a timely manner, leading to serious problems and lengthy time to hire. That’s why it’s so important to…

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Prioritizing At Work

Do you ever feel you have too much on your plate? With technology now you can be in multiple places at once, without even leaving your office. And multitasking is not seen as a skillset, it’s a necessity. That means knowing how to prioritize your many tasks is a must. Feel lost when it comes…

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Don’t Put A Hold On Recruiting During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, vacations, and a more relaxed attitude at work. But putting the task of recruiting new staff on hold for the holidays is often a mistake made by business owners. Here’s why… First, if you’ve already begun the process of recruiting for a specific position, putting the search on hold…

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Work Ethic

Like technology, work ethic seems to change from generation to generation. Advances in engineering, computers and the like make the work done by humans easier. Thus, it’s not unusual that those improvements lead to a downgrade in how hard some feel they need to work. How can managers promote a stronger work ethic among your…

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