Boss vs. Leader

Whether you’re the owner of a private dental clinic or you’re the one running the practice, the bottom line is you’re in charge. That comes with a lot of responsibilities, including managing staff. Some may say you’re the boss, which is true, but I’d like to challenge you to think of yourself as a leader. Here’s why.

Oftentimes a BOSS has a negative connotation and is thought of as the person in charge who gives orders, makes commands, criticizes work, focuses on the negative, and can be intimidating.

A LEADER, on the other hand, is seen as a guiding force who encourages staff in an inspiring and often enthusiastic manner. A LEADER alsofocuses on strengths while coaching employees how to do better.

The controlling management style often displayed by a BOSS can slow productivity, whereas the positive engagement demonstrated by a LEADER can certainly inspire a team to work together and be more productive.

There’s no doubt if you’re in charge of your practice you are the boss. However, you can take steps to ensure you are leading your team with an open mind and open door. Consider signing up for leadership training either in a professional group or graduate coursework. You could also ask a senior dentist you admire to mentor you on their leadership techniques.

I can assure you taking on the role of leader will not only grow your team, but your practice as well.

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