About VMG Recruiting

VMG is a national executive search firm with over 29 years of experience. We are about recruiting the best candidates for our clients to meet their specific needs.

VMG Recruiting

Our company gathers competitive intelligence, identifies, engages, and builds a talent pipeline of passive candidates and converts them to active candidates for our clients.

We use our proprietary client’s requirements model for our work. Our executive search firm’s proven fivefold model provides a complete comprehensive picture of company and candidate compatibility. By design, it provides a holistic approach and offers the greatest flexibility to our clients. Additionally, the model can be customized to meet our clients’ specific hiring requirements.

Five Components of Client Requirement Model

VMG Recruiting

Core Characteristics

VMG Recruiting

Core Competencies

VMG Recruiting


VMG Recruiting


VMG Recruiting



  • 98% overall employer fill rate.
  • 100% client retention.
  • 100% guaranteed hires.
  • 30% average decrease in cost per hire.

“Vanguard Management Group provides a superior level of service and top quality employee candidates. This year our company entered into a new ex-military hiring campaign and Vanguard quickly mobilized and began providing candidates within a matter of days. The staff and management at Vanguard is very attentive, responsive, and easy to work with and I plan on utilizing them for additional hiring initiatives in the future. A truly professional and top notch recruiting partner!”

-  National Vice President – Field Operations

We are proud of the fact that all our clients who repeatedly use VMG believe we are the best in recruiting. We are a strategic partner with our client.

“I experienced much success in working with VMG Recruiting on filling my Sales Manager opening, working with one recruiter, who was my dedicated contact throughout the process. Detailed information on my hiring needs were obtained in-order to provide qualified candidates. Through behavior-based interviews and extensive vetting, the recruiter provided quality candidates and the result, a great hire. I found VMG Recruiting services to be top-notch. I had a very positive experience working with VMG Recruiting.” 

CEO, IT Services Firm

“VMG provided us with quality candidates and was able to assist with a variety of roles, from executives on down. I was particularly impressed by VMG not inundating me with resumes but only scheduling interviews of those people who were carefully vetted and likely to be a good fit. We often had hard-to-fill roles with skills that were hard to come by but VMG kept on proactively hunting for suitable candidates until the role was filled. They were also very pro-active with hiring managers to keep them updated of their progress during the recruitment process.“

Director Human Resources

“Vanguard has been a valuable recruitment partner for a number a years. Megan Dimaulo has always maintained a very high level of integrity, as well as, the candidates she presents to be interviewed. I have an excellent working relationship with Megan. She has a high level of understanding as a Recruiter and always takes time to fully brief herself on our vacancies, putting forward only those candidates who closely match our requirements. Megan has a very people-centric approach that goes beyond just matching skills and experience to a job spec. I would have no hesitation in recommending Megan and Vanguard for their excellent recruiting service.” 

Region Vice President South Region

IM VERY EXCITED “Leslie (I’m impressed) I know I was skeptical (I admit it) but this experience has given me another view. Thank you.”

Vice President of Operations