Re-Introduction To VMG Services

With the new year under way, I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce VMG Consulting and Recruiting Services and explain how we can be of help. With 30 years of experience, VMG Consulting and Recruiting Services specializes in matching candidates with clinics across the country. We work with our clients in a…

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Bad Hires Hurt Business

The rejected concept drew on a transparent wipe board.

Talent makes or breaks an organization. However, that doesn’t help anybody after a bad hire’s been made. Bad hires mean nothing but trouble for you and your organization. Of course, bad hires lead to wasted money. There’s the lost productivity during the hiring process, the cost of training the new hire, and the cost of…

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Recognizing the Right Candidate

Businesspeople Shaking Hands At a Desk

Recognizing when you’ve found the right candidate is one of the major hurdles when it comes to hiring the right talent for your company. Many companies have problems when it comes to choosing the right candidates in a timely manner, leading to serious problems and lengthy time to hire. That’s why it’s so important to…

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Prioritizing At Work

a man with hands around his neck and sticky notes

Do you ever feel you have too much on your plate? With technology now you can be in multiple places at once, without even leaving your office. And multitasking is not seen as a skillset, it’s a necessity. That means knowing how to prioritize your many tasks is a must. Feel lost when it comes…

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Don’t Put A Hold On Recruiting During the Holidays

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‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, vacations, and a more relaxed attitude at work. But putting the task of recruiting new staff on hold for the holidays is often a mistake made by business owners. Here’s why… First, if you’ve already begun the process of recruiting for a specific position, putting the search on hold…

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Work Ethic

work ethic words are seen through a magnifying glass

Like technology, work ethic seems to change from generation to generation. Advances in engineering, computers and the like make the work done by humans easier. Thus, it’s not unusual that those improvements lead to a downgrade in how hard some feel they need to work. How can managers promote a stronger work ethic among your…

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Show Your Staff Appreciation

You are a Big Part of the All We Do Banner

There seems to be an appreciation day for nearly everyone in your life. In fact, Boss’s Day was just on October 17. Did you know that National Employee Appreciation Day is recognized the first Friday of each March? Why wait for one day a year to show your employees your appreciation? Why not consider showing…

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job satisfaction banner with seven sticky notes It’s one thing to feel comfortable at work, but it’s a better thing to feel satisfied by it. But how do you know which emotion you’re feeling? has six ways to determine job satisfaction: On Sunday night you’re not dreading going to work the next day You can see a clear path forward…

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How Businesses Can Deal with High Turnover Rates

Understanding Turnover Banner with a vector image

Turnover. It means extra time spent hiring and recruiting. It means losing productivity while training new hires. It means low employee morale and strain in your organization. High turnover is a disease to your business. If left untreated, it can bring an organization down. How high is high turnover? Well, that’s up to your situation.…

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The Biggest Thing Companies Forget When Hiring

Hiring Banner with a Yellow Background

You already know how important hiring is for your organization. Without a steady stream of fresh talent coming in, no organization can keep up with the competition. Beyond that, you already know the most important things to look for in the right candidate: skills fit, experience, etc. But what’s the number one thing companies overlook…

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