Benefits of Objective Hiring

One big problem I see companies run into while interviewing is that their process isn’t objective. They’ll hire the person they like the most, who they have a good feeling about, or in other words, just go with their gut. Then they’re surprised when their new hire’s performance isn’t up to scratch.

Now, there are a lot of ways of tackling this problem, but let’s focus on objective scoring. First, you need to identify all the skills and core competencies you are looking for in a candidate. Then once you’ve done your interviews, have your interviewers rate the candidates for how well they fill these requirements.

You could use a scale from one to five, or one to ten. The point is that when you add up the scores, you have an objective measure of how well you can expect the candidate to fill the position.

That means you have solid, objective reasons to think the candidate you’re hiring is the best one for the job. You can get control over the quality of your hires by building objectivity into the system.