Show Your Staff Appreciation

There seems to be an appreciation day for nearly everyone in your life. In fact, Boss’s Day was just on October 17. Did you know that National Employee Appreciation Day is recognized the first Friday of each March?

Why wait for one day a year to show your employees your appreciation? Why not consider showing them every day, every week, or a monthly gesture of gratitude for their work? When was the last time you let your associate, technician, or receptionist know that you think they’re doing a good job?

Appreciation is a leadership skill. Research shows when employees feel appreciated by their manager there’s a boost in morale, productivity, performance, and retention.  While sometimes all it takes is a pat on the back, there are other ways to make your staff feel like a valuable part of the team. Here are some tips from the Harvard Business Review:

  • Be specific with your praise; single out a specific action or outcome instead of a general “good job”
  • Have the immediate supervisor recognize an employee for outstanding work or service
  • A simple card or hand-written note of appreciation shows you took the time to recognize a staff member
  • Recognize good work as quickly as possible
  • Increase the frequency with which you recognize your employees; consider a daily or weekly “shout out” to those with outstanding performance
  • Understand how your staff likes to be praised; some prefer public recognition while others might shy away from it

Building up morale among your clinic staff will build up your skills as a leader and improve the workplace culture.

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Jeffrey Audette