When starting a new job, it is normal to have an adjustment period before realizing if you’re in the right place doing the right kind of work. In fact, according to Zippia.com, one of the most common questions a job candidate is asked during an interview is “What is your ideal work environment?” By preparing how to answer this question you are also setting yourself up for a productive career.

To begin, think about the actual setting in which you work best.  Do you prefer a small, privately owned clinic, a bigger, bustling corporate environment, or perhaps you like to work in constant commotion and would prefer an emergency clinic?

Next, consider whether you work best independently or on a team. You might be more of a researcher who prefers lab work to dealing with patients and their owners. Maybe you work well with a team of doctors and technicians.

Workplace culture also plays a role in the type of environment you prefer. The way a clinic operator communicates with staff, interactions with coworkers, as well as the push or lack thereof for a work-life balance can all determine how happy – and productive – you will be on the job.

Whether you are getting ready to interview for your first job as an associate or your tenth, there is a lot to think about before saying yes to any offer. Knowing your own character traits will help you decide which is the best place for you to practice.


Jeffrey Audette