Is All Business Good Business? How To Get Rid Of “Bad Clients”

In every practice, doctors and staff must deal with a variety of clients. But what do you do when a client becomes too difficult to continue to treat? Does meeting the bottom line in business mean you have to deal with all the clients you can get? Or is there a way to cut ties and ask them to find a new practice?  The short answer is yes.

The importance of the Client-Patient-Relationship (CPR) in every practice. When there’s awareness that both parties are acting as a team in the care of a patient, the likelihood of a civil and respectful working relationship increases. However, if a difficult client continues toward a toxic path, having a code of conduct to outline what is – and isn’t – considered acceptable behavior.

Be specific with what actions your practice will and will not tolerate. For example, you might list patients are expected to arrive on time for an appointment and may not speak rudely to staff.

Once a code of conduct has been posted and discussed with a difficult client, if the toxic behavior continues you may then politely and professionally suggest the client finds a new practice.

The bottom line, toxic attitudes and behaviors can be contagious. To prevent a negative client from influencing your staff and infecting your clinic, it might time to cut them loose. The income you make from that one client won’t be worth the damage that’s done to your practice.

Are you interested in learning more about the CPR or how to let go of a toxic client? Or are you ready to add to your staff? Call me to discuss how my team has a 93 percent effective rate in finding quality candidates for our clients.


Jeffrey Audette

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