Do you have a full staff but wonder how you can get the most out of them while making your workplace a place where they want to show up and do the best job every day? The answer is to invest in your workers, and not just by giving them a fair wage.

Studies show happy employees are more productive and positive at work. Yet, a recent Deloitte survey of millennials currently in the workforce finds the majority are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed and will most likely leave their jobs.

Fostering professional development is proven to keep people motivated to work. Learning doesn’t stop once training is finished. By offering ways for your staff to continue their education – either on the job, at conferences, mentorships – they will be ready to take on new challenges and meet them in informed, creative ways.

Consider giving your staff a sense of ownership at work. Let them come up with programs, run office meetings, organize a filing system – anything that will get them excited to create and execute is a sure way to keep your staff ready to work each day.

Also, make sure you show your appreciation to your associates, and office staff. Perhaps you can start a monthly luncheon, staff appreciation day, incentive system, or something else that would work well in your workplace. Just like in a personal relationship, simple ways to show you care will go a long way in keeping your work partners happy.

The bottom line – by investing in your staff you will create a highly motivated and engaged team that is likely to stay that way, paying off in big ways for your work culture and your workplace.


Jeffrey Audette