Where I started and where I am today!

You might say I was in the right place at the right time.  In the 80’s a friend of mine owned a job fair company and offered me a lucrative job I couldn’t refuse. After 7 year of working for him I decided to venture out with my own job fair company.  We moved out west so as not to interfere with his business, and 5 years later I was organizing over 100 job fairs per year in cities all over the country.

My goal was to be recognized as the leading job fair company in the USA. We accomplished our goal in 5 years, producing over 100 job fairs each year. It takes a good amount of work to set up a successful job fair. You must be able to attract great companies and great candidates to be effective, that takes a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of perspiration.  As time went on, I expanded to create a retained, end-to-end interviewing service, or as many people call it, a recruiting service.

After 20 years I collapsed our job fair division and moved completely to retained services.  Retained recruiting gives me and my team the chance to really focus on getting the right person for the position. It’s not a situation where you have a recruiter working ten different positions in the hope that we get one hire. It’s a situation where we commit all resources to finding the right person, it’s a 1 to 1 ratio, one recruiter-to-one client full time.

 That’s probably the most rewarding part of recruiting for me: finding the right person for the job. The person who’s going to stick around. The person who’s going to move up in the company and really contribute to the bottom line. Many years ago, I helped a company find a member for their sales team, and he’s been with the company ever since. He’s gone from sales rep. to sales manager to managing director.  To this day that client continues to thank me. It really made a difference for the company and the employee. And that’s what recruiting means to me.

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