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    VMG Recruiting wants to be your Staffing Mission Partner
  • Client Requirements Model

    A Comprehensive Interviewing Process
  • The Solution

    Exceptional Staffing Services THE SOLUTION: We are your single source hiring solution for a range of staffing services.

    OUR PRIMARY FOCUS: It's no secret that regardless of industry or market, companies need to hire the right fit for their organization. We are focused on becoming a mission partner integrating into our clients recruiting strategy, recruiting the best candidates in our client's business acumen that meet their specific requirements.

    STAFFING SERVICES: We are a full service recruiting partner who uses a time proven hiring process. Our Comprehensive Interviewing Process enables us to clearly identify and recruit the candidates that will fit within the client’s organization. We use a Client Requirements Model that is fivefold (core characteristics, core competencies, motivational fit, cultural fit, and tangibles), and can be tailored to meet the client’s specific hiring needs.
  • Comprehensive Interviewing Process

    Corporate Direct CLIENT REQUIREMENTS MODEL: We have developed a comprehensive interviewing process that provides a complete picture of company and candidate compatibility. Our fivefold process provides the holistic approach and offers the greatest flexibility to our clients (core characteristics, core competencies, motivational fit, cultural fit, and tangibles).

    WHAT WE DO: We source and vet qualified candidates for your assessment and selection. We then arrange the meeting location and facilitate all aspects of the interview.

    WHAT YOU DO: Handpick your new team from the candidates we provide.


    - Company & Behavioral Based Position Analysis

    - Experienced VMG Recruiter

    - Extensive Passive Candidate Sourcing and Cold Calling

    - Comprehensive Interviewing Process

    - Candidate Bio

    - Guaranteed Hire

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