Our goal at VMG Recruiting is to empower professionals; to help you find and prepare for your next career opportunity! VMG is uniquely positioned to connect focused, driven professionals like you with terrific opportunities, many of which may be in your own hometown.

Our recruiting team understands that your needs and your career goals are our principal focus.

Unlike other recruiting firms who are often interested in hit-and-run placement fees, VMG is committed to building and nurturing long-term relationships with our job seekers. We provide a highly focused, consultative service. Our recruiters are dedicated to delivering only top positions and opportunities to our outstanding network of job seekers. Best of all – each one of us has been in your shoes before and knows exactly where you are coming from!



  • Dress professionally, you only get one chance at a first impression
  • Energy is key when interviewing
  • Be early, on time is late
  • Know the company; the more research you do on the company the better
  • Don’t say negative things about past employers
  • Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments (a brag book is best to display your accolades);
    tell them what makes you different
  • Be prepared by writing out thoughtful questions before the interview
  • Ask what the top 3 characteristics of their company’s superstars have in common
  • Ask what changes created this opportunity
  • Ask questions about the short and long term expectations of the position
  • Ask about the style and culture of the company
  • Follow up your interview with a thank-you letter identifying what makes you uniquely qualified for the position


  • Have multiple resumes; write a resume for a specific job
  • Identify your strengths: ‘Recognized for outstanding consultative sales technique.’
  • Create accomplishment statements (quantify achievements): ‘Exceeded sales quota by 30% within the first six months.’
  • Use ‘action’ verbs: sold, collaborated, generated, achieved, etc.
  • Average review time of a resume is 30 seconds; preferred length is 1 page, maximum of 2 pages
  • No flashy styles; be clear and concise

There are many factors to consider when you’re writing your resume and the tips we’ve given you here will help you. But for a deeper insight into what recruiters look for in a resume – read our article titled What Do Recruiters Look For In A Resume At First Glance?