Why Retained Search?

Why Retained Search?

Companies often use professional search firms after they’ve exhausted all internal search. Naturally, companies want to utilize all chances of finding why use a retained search firm to find the best employeethe best possible candidate to fill a key position. Search consultants can help companies to save time and to improve the process of locating the best possible person for the job in question.

When it comes to skilled professional executive positions, the need for professional help from a qualified search consultant is most important. After all, no company wants to hire someone to fill an executive open position only to find out a month or two later that the person they hired is not right for the job.

A Retained Search Firm Works Well For Executive Search

Because of the upfront costs, retained search firms may seem more expensive than their contingent counter parts, but in the long run, they actually will save their clients time and money and in addition, they will get the best candidate for the position.

There are 6 benefits of using a retained search firm:

    1. Whether it be IT, Engineering, Marketing or Management your open positions are important to the overall function of the organization. Placing the wrong candidate in this position can end up being unfortunate for the company. But the conscientious and extensive research retained search firms conduct can help to identify just the right person for the open position.


    1. In general, retained search firms have a database of individuals who are looking for work, who may be unemployed AND who are currently working but not necessarily seeking another position. This last demographic is known as “passive candidates”.


    1. Recruiters in retained search firms generally have more training than other recruiters. They possess excellent people and research skills which gives them an edge when it comes to finding the person best suited to the open position.


    1. All recruiters must negotiate with their clients and with their candidates. When filling an executive open position and when dealing with passive candidates, the negotiation skills must be more developed. Again, the recruiters in retained search firms are trained and adept in negotiation skills.


    1. Filling professional level positions takes a considerable measure of time, and everyone knows that time is money, especially in business. Retained executive search firms can offset the expense and ensure that their client get more for their venture. In the long run, executive search firms can complete the process of the search more quickly and provide more highly qualified candidates, at a lower price.


  1. Finding the right candidate for a niche or specialized field can be difficult for most general recruiting firms but retained executive search firms have the time and expertise in specific areas. This way, their clients receive the best possible search consultant, for the purpose of bringing them the best possible candidates for the open position.

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